Hey! Thanks for using the Clock App!

I hope you enjoy the time on the app. Clock App ( is born on 09. November 2020. My name is Toni Klätke (tk), i’m the father of Clock App and i help Clock App to grow.

The Clock App is available as App, Addon and Widget for many Devices. I try to launch the Clock App in every relevant Marketplaces for the different Platforms.

Clock App is growing

I work on new functions all the time, the Clock App helps me to learn to understand more and more different technologies and i can help the Clock App to grow, a nice win win Situation. 🙂

Clock App Feature list

  • Full scalable Analog Alarm Clock
  • Retro Clock Sound with Sound Controlling
  • Different Background-Colors available
  • New Version: Counter function (Small and Smart)
  • Alarm function (Open a URL as Alert)
  • New: Timer function (Try it out)
  • New: Stopwatch function (Try it out)

Clock App upcoming features

  • New Alarm function with different Sounds
  • Time Speaking with different Voices
  • World Clock function (Small and smart)
  • Digital Clock version (Small and smart)
  • Counter function (Small and Smart)
  • Widget for Home Screen Android Smartphones

The Clock App is very fast 🚀 and the system is made for low battery consumption. The Clock App works also in Offline-Mode and is without any second or third party services high available.

Privacy protection and Security

  • no external integrations (no second or third party)
  • no external/internal tracking technology
  • no advertising technology
  • high website security (SSL, HSTS, OCSP, TSL)

This are the reasons for the 🚀 Super Fast Working Clock App.

Here comes a small secret and hidden function as surprise for all Info Page visitors: (Current page visitors 1 User Online ). 🙂

I like Feedback, if you have an idea or a problem with the Clock App, please send us a message from the contact page. I’m addicted to built PWA. On my privat website ( you can find out some of my public PWA Creations. If you like my PWA creations and you want the code, please write me a message, all my creations are open and the code is free for noncommercial use.

In the following List, i want to say ❤️ thank you to Open Source Organizations, Programmers, Coding-Projects and other Companies for helping me in different ways to create and run the Clock App.